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DHL International Shipping

We have been shipping overseas for well over two decades. We currently recommend DHL for time sensitive or valuable shipments.

USPS offers cheaper shipping options, but the tracking is unreliable, delivery times variable, and the insurance claims difficult. By price, speed and reliability DHL, UPS and FedEx are all fairly equal. We prefer DHL over UPS and FedEX internationally due to the customer service when a package goes wrong.

You got a student abroad urgently needing new credit cards, contact lenses, passports, retainers, birth control pills, or laptops? We have shipped DHL to 91 countries and a few more since. We have a lot of experience ensuring these packages go through customs as smoothly as possible.

Want to ship your wardrobe to Fiji or France in anticipation of a year's residency? We'll encourage you to buy new stuff there. We'd rather earn your trust than the shipping dollars, so expect us to ask "why?" along with "what?" and "when?"

Size and weight calculations tend to make phone quotes inefficiently inaccurate so please visit with your package. Your pre-paid DHL packages are always welcome (as are pre-paid UPS, USPS and Fed EX).

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, but we cannot solve inbound DHL issues unless the parcel is scheduled to be delivered to Lake Union Mail.

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