Lake Union Mail is a mail and parcel storefront in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood.

We can take care of your inbound and outbound letters, parcels and faxes -- both domestic and international; your basic office supplies, photocopies and greeting cards. We offer these products and services at prices based on the long-term , intertwined relationships that are natural when the owner and employees live in the neighborhood where they work.

In the rural general stores of our grandparents’ generation, the money was an essential -- but not important -- component of each transaction. Lake Union Mail continues that style of business. Yes, we can accept credit card payment for overnighting your documents with Internet tracking. But our pleasure of business comes in loaning the price of a stamp after you have forgotten your wallet.


Lake Union Mail
117 East Louisa, Seattle, Washington 98102-3203
Phone: 206-329-1468 Fax: 206-329-3448

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