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Eastlake Community Council
Founded in 1971 to foster and "encourage a sense of community among people who live and work in the neighborhood and to promote programs and distribute information benefiting the neighborhood", the Eastlake Council has been active in every major neighborhood action.

Eastlake's neighborhood school is an Option School in the Seward building currently named "TOPS" (The Option Program at Seward).

Lake Union Orchestra
The Lake Union Civic Orchestra is a non-profit organization dedicated to philanthropic causes, raising funds for non-profit, health-related organizations, and promoting music appreciation through concert performances.

Center for Wooden Boats
Explore The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle's Hands-on Maritime Heritage Museum, located at South Lake Union.

Eastlake Avenue Blog

Pocock Rowing Center

Floating Homes Association

South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce

Virginia V Foundaion

Lake Union Mail
117 East Louisa, Seattle, Washington 98102-3203
Phone: 206-329-1468 Fax: 206-329-3448

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